Why am I running for Idaho State Senate

I’m running for the District 1 State Senate to preserve and enhance the quality of life we enjoy in North Idaho.  We have friendly people, beautiful surroundings, and diverse economic opportunities.  I’d like to see the next generation of Idahoans enjoy what we call home.

Growing up in Bonner County and Boundary County, and having lived here more than three decades, I’ve had the opportunity to learn, work, and play here. I graduated from Bonners Ferry High School and went on to the University of Idaho where I earned a degree in mechanical engineering. My Idaho education laid the foundation for a career in the Navy, full time work initially and as a reservist later, for a total of twenty-one years of military service. I’ve owned a successful business here since 2008. My accomplishments are due to our system of representative government and the opportunities it provides. Our governmental system requires participation by the people, whether by voting, through political activism, or taking on the role of an elected official. I’m offering myself as a choice to District 1. I’ve been interested in running, and preparing myself, for almost four years now. With Senator Keough choosing not to run for re-election, after more than two decades of public service, the time is right. I’m ready to take on the task of serving as District 1 State Senator.