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Focus Areas THAT MATTER to Jim Woodward

Jim has come to know very well the issues that the residents of Bonner and Boundary counties really care about.  He is known for caring deeply about the community and is ready to serve.  Here are some of the areas of issue that we need to tackle together! Jim wants to hear from you. Let Jim know your thoughts and concerns or any issues that are important to you.

Jim Woodward and family getting ready for the Sandpoint 4th of July parade

Jim has come to know and recognize the issues that the residents of Bonner and Boundary counties are really concerned and care about, he hopes to bring these issues forth and make progress towards their solutions.

Do you have or know of an issue that you feel is important and should be addressed by our Idaho Legislature? Jim wants to know! Contact Jim Here »

Below are topics of concern that Jim will focus on.

Key to anyone’s success are knowledge and skills. Both come through education in whatever form it may take. Educated and trained people provide for themselves, for their families and for the industries that generate economic vitality for our state. We need to provide the best possible education for our children whether it is preparation for college, technical, or vocational education. Our children must have the ability to think and act for they are the future of North Idaho. As children become adults, we can provide educational opportunities locally through satellite campuses, on-line learning, and on-the-job training such as apprenticeships and internships.

I believe in the individual as the engine of economic vitality. We, as a group, support the individual by providing education and training. We also provide infrastructure to support economic and recreational endeavors. What the individual cannot accomplish alone, we achieve through combined efforts in the form of government.

First and foremost, the job of a legislator is listening to the people of the district and conveying their ideas in Boise or elsewhere in the State. As a business owner, I understand listening to customers’ needs and turning their desires into action.As a senator, I will listen to and represent all members of District 1 to create outcomes that work for all. It is a challenge to bring opinions together, but through communication and collaboration we can generate great outcomes for North Idaho.

North Idaho’s natural resources offer much to many. We must protect and manage our lands and water to the highest level. These resources provide countless jobs in timber and tourism just to name a few. Sportsmen, recreational enthusiasts, and many others consider our natural resources a key part of our quality of life.

Transportation infrastructure is critical to any rural state. It is a key link to the safety of our citizens and the profitability of our industries. As construction costs continue to rise, we must look for efficiencies to sustain our existing transportation network. With an increasing population, we will need to upgrade highways to maintain current travel times.

Idaho is one of the standard bearers when it comes to fiscal responsibility in state government. We require a balanced budget. We set aside money in rainy day funds. We invest in our future through education and economic development. I will work to continue the efficient use of taxpayer dollars while always looking for improvements in the way we spend our money.

Growing up in Bonner County and Boundary County and having lived here more than three decades, I’ve had the opportunity to learn, to work, and play here – taking note all of the issues around our towns and communities that need attention to ultimately improve our economy and quality of life in Idaho.

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